Feelings do wear away

so I am back to Leeds shortly for this weekend. It’s great to be back especially when there is sun:) I have realized I actually don’t miss the city too much because I am in a bigger and more vibrant city now. Despite the weather is shit in Glasgow. I had a feeling that I will not want to come back in the future if my friends started to move back to their own country. 

I have moved to Glasgow for nearly two months now and I think I am settling well there. Of course it’s always great to meet some old faces but I am quite sure now that I need to live in big city. I am born to be a city girl and that will never change. I can live in small city for a short period of time but let’s face the truth, I cannot stay there forever. 

So it’s time to go home because have to work tomorrow! 

Bye for now Leeds. 



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